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June 14 2024

Tune in to learn Theadora's vision to better align with our mission. I'm excited to offer expert strategies aimed at assisting newcomers in starting their podcasts. I deeply value the importance of sharing and preserving our personal and professional tales. I've witnessed the impact of attempts to obscure or alter and erase narratives, cultures, and heritages of BIPOC humans.

June 13 2024

Tune in to learn Lorraine's vision to help you know how to release your inner child to obtain more creative results. And if there's time, also talk about creative styles, how to understand yours, and why you need to work with someone with the opposite style.

June 11 2024

Tune in to learn Michael's vision to help develop and nurture the future leaders of our community!

June 6 2024

Tune in to learn Natalia's vision to help every leader step into their inherent worthiness. Often times we see a 6,7,8 figure leader and think they have it "all together" yet behind the scene they are struggling to find daily joy, deep connection in their relationship and often live in a space of control and lack. I believe every leader can tap into a divine flow, that will allow them to surrender, to be able to lead and empower more freely and most importantly they will live the abundant life they are "hustling" so hard for thats passing them by. Our life is happening NOW!

June 4 2024

Tune in to learn Jason's vision to rooted in a deep understanding of the transformative power of effective property management. I believe that by empowering property management businesses to thrive, we can positively impact countless families and lives.

June 3 2024

Tune in to learn Jason's vision is to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses. It will be great to hang out and chat!

May 30 2024

Tune in to learn Adele's vision: 1)Spend less time trying to fix yourself and more time on knowing who you are, and 2) the link between capitalism and the inner world of how people are living these days. These two topics are related and usually attract a lot of attention because it's refreshing and opens things up for new possibilities. Let's explore an angle of these two topics might interest your audience.

May 28 2024

Tune in to learn Vlada's vision to bring ClassTag, a school-family communication platform that unites over 5MM parents, teachers, and administrators in student success, from idea to output.

May 24 2024

Tune in to learn Megan's vision inspiring story of overcoming the statistics of staying a healthy weight …feel reassured that small steps and daily habits can create huge transformations …reaffirm that they want to become a better person …feel interested in the data, analysis, and concrete steps that I took to create sustainable weight-loss over time …feel that they're not alone if they struggle with anxiety and stress, and will love the concrete tips to managing this …will feel open to challenging their preconceived notions, especially about dieting and weight-loss.

May 23 2024

Tune in to learn Jack's vision to make better managers and better companies by managing less.

May 21 2024

Tune in to learn Joanne's to empower soulful women entrepreneurs to tell their stories that connects, compels, and sells with audacious authenticity through powerful messaging. I want listeners to to approach their email marketing endeavors with new inspiration.

May 17 2024

Tune in to learn Matthew's vision to believe that we all have greatness inside of us. I aspire to help entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders to not only discover that greatness - but realize that they also have the means to fulfill the potential that's on their lives. Helping equip people with the tools and skills to see that their dreams and vision can be had through automation, delegation and elimination, helping people really focus on what matters!

May 16 2024

Tune in to learn Karen's vision to empower working mums to be their true selves. To not get lost as themselves whilst being a mum. To stop the loss of purpose that can happen as a mum trying to do it all. To break societal norms around working full time, climbing ladders and being a mum.

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