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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vision Pros Live?

Vision Pros Live is a podcast hosted by Jackson Calame where he interviews market leaders, entrepreneurs, and guest experts live about how they're growing their brands and changing the world as they face business ownership, leadership, family, and life challenges just like you.

Who qualifies as a guest expert?

Most guest experts on the Vision Pros Live podcast will be market leaders. Business owners and professionals who have years of proven experience in the trenches of brand development, have created quantifiable success in the process of serving others, and overcome extreme challenges and adversities in order to bring their vision to life.

We're looking to host visionary entrepreneurs and thought leadership experts who have inspiring stories to help other market leaders on their journey.

This could come in the form of a serial entrepreneur with millions of subscribers, a stay-at-home mom who's inspiring others as she enters back into the workforce, or even a teenager who's already sold their first company or published their first book.

If the visionary has delivered something of value that's exceptional to the world, we look forward to learning from their journey to do so.

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Can we meet before booking a Podcast Session?

Yes. Simply book your Podcast Session and let us know what your needs are upon entering the studio.

We are big fans of taking immediate action, so we'll be ready to record promotional segments, however, we're also big fans of freedom of choice and preparation.

In order to make the most of our time together, you may want to gather and organize your most valuable assets in advance so that we can showcase your brand in a way that highlights your authority.

Rather than dragging you through unnecessary application forms and mandatory pre-screening interviews (or forcing you right into a show) we prefer to keep our doors open to all options.

We believe in meeting you where YOU are at because that's what great leaders do.

We're excited to get to know you for who you are. We want to see what portions of your vision you have already built.

We want to FEEL the power of your vision!

The Podcast Session is also a great time to get on the same page about expanding the audience.

Most podcasts are notorious for blindly focusing on "downloads" to their own demise.

Distribution strategies are a collaborative effort.

Do you want the right people to see your episode? Then let's explore how we make that happen together.

Could you reach more of the right people if you had powerfully simple strategies to better place your episode? Absolutely!

The open nature and effectiveness of the Vision Pros Live Podcast Session experience has led to many of our guests appreciating our podcast as one of the best produced podcasts on the planet.

We will do everything in our power to ensure your experience results in the same outcome.

Let's have a blast getting your vision out to the world!

How do I become a sponsor of Vision Pros Live?

We welcome excellent brands as sponsors of Vision Pros Live.

Depending on your needs, we have customizable sponsorships packages available for those who are interested in promoting their product, service, software, or event.

For our brand, the relationship fit and integrity of your offer is of the utmost importance.

If we're all excited about creating a mutually beneficial plan of action together, the upfront investments can be minimized and a healthy revenue share agreement can ensure the opportunity is a win-win. This includes but is not limited to having Jackson Calame attend your events live, speaking on stage, or shooting commercials for your brand.

Click here to book a quick alignment call with Jackson and include the words "Vision Pros Sponsorship" if you'd like to discuss how our brand can best support your growth goals.

How much does it cost to be a guest expert on Vision Pros Live?

There is no charge to be a guest on Vision Pros Live at this time.

Will You Be Our Next Guest Expert?

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