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Why be an expert podcast guest?

July 9, 2023

Being an expert podcast guest allows you to powerfully deliver your message, build deeper relationships with audiences outside of your inner circle, and establishes trust as you connect with your market in addition to many other benefits.

Let's explore that in depth:

1. Deliver Your Message: Getting your message out to the world isn't helpful if you're only reaching a handful of the same people over and over and need to reach new people.

Podcasts have gained immense popularity in recent years, with millions of active listeners. So while it may not sound that attractive to be on a podcast that only has a few people tuning in, remember that those few people are people who may have never heard of you at all! And they're literally sitting down to hear what YOU have to say. Imagine walking up to a business owner at their storefront and trying to speak to them about your message for 30 minutes. You'd be kicked out! Yet, there they are, in the back of their office tuning in to every word that you say because you've been "introduced" by a trusted source they care about. That's extremely powerful.

By appearing as a guest on podcasts, you can tap into the existing audience of the show and reach a wider range of people who may not be familiar with you or your work, but also an audience that's primed and ready to listen to what you want to share. This exposure helps you expand your reach and connect with new potential followers, clients, or customers and gives you the opportunity to extend the conversation on social media even after the curtains close.

2. Build Deeper Relationships with New Audiences: Podcasts are known for their conversational and intimate nature.

Building this personal connection fosters trust, making it more likely for listeners to resonate with your message and become loyal followers in ways that couldn't be established through more traditional means of interacting.

People don't buy from you simply because you have a solution.

They buy from people with the intent of creating a deeper relationship.

3. Establish Trust: As you expand the amount of expert interviews you perform well in, you establish a new level of trust with the market.

You're not only generating more credibility with each show that you provide value on, you're also exercising your authority and therefore getting stronger. As an expert guest on podcasts, you have the opportunity to showcase your knowledge, expertise, and experience in your field while tying it to your personality and providing instruction. You can certainly preach at people what they should do, however, you'll likely find more success and build more trust as you provide insight into what has helped you on your path.

This is YouTube influencer Ali Abdaal's greatest advice at the VIP Q&A Private Lunch at the Kajabi Conference in June of 2023.

He advised attendees to stop saying, "Here's how you should do it..." and to start saying, "Here's what is working for me..." Taking this approach to leading enhances your credibility and establishes you as an authority figure that people feel more respect for. When listeners perceive you as knowledgeable and caring, they are more likely to trust your message, view you as a reliable source of information, and follow you for further guidance on a regular basis.

4. Connect with Your Market: One thing that will help you maximize your results is ensuring that you are both aware of the niche you want to serve and are becoming a guest on shows that are highly relevant to your niche market and thinking of creative ways to engage them - or - inspire them to take actions.

As you intrigue and attract listeners to your message you're starting to win the first level of engagement. With practice, training, and strategic instruction, you can actually engaged and captivate your audience in ways that you've never imagined! Podcast listeners are typically highly engaged and attentive individuals as it is. They're action prone because they're proactive people! Unlike other forms of media, such as blog posts or static videos, podcasts like YouTube channels, often have dedicated and loyal fan bases who actively listen to episodes and are encouraged by their hosts to take tons of actions.

By delivering your message through this medium, you can capture the attention of an audience that is actively seeking information and value that they can act on, participate in, and build with. This allows you to communicate your message effectively and make a lasting impression.

From gift cards and giveaways to scavenger hunts and social challenges, as you become an expert at the process, droves of people will begin to follow you. Think about and study engagement legends like Mr. Beast and Gary Vee.

Why else should I become a pro podcast guest?

Social Proof and Endorsement: Being featured on ANY show is important so that you can get your feet wet and practice.

You do NOT want to fall on your face on the Joe Rogan show. Calm down, and take small steps. Also note, that if you feel you are too special for someone's "small show" your pretentious nature probably comes across to the market. In other words, you're not actually impressing people by acting like you're Michael Jordan.

As you grow and gain experience, you'll more naturally attract the attention of reputable podcasts. Those appearances will certainly serve as greater social proof and endorsement of your expertise in ways that pay dividends exponentially as you build a deep online presence. When people see that you have been invited to share your knowledge on established shows, it adds credibility to your personal brand that's indisputable - especially those who love the show that you were on.

This endorsement from podcast hosts, who are often powerful and trusted authorities in their own right, helps you build trust with your target market and positions you to become a respected figure in your industry in ways that few other mediums can.

What's another way to gain so much authority in your industry? Let us know!

Longevity and Evergreen Content: Having content that "stands the test of time" is imperative for sustainable revenue growth.

Evergreen content is content that will be popular and important throughout the years. Podcast episodes are usually available indefinitely, meaning your appearance as a guest can continue to benefit you long after the initial airing and even after the show stops publishing.

For example, Jayson Gaignard was featured on Can I Pick Your Brain? and while the show has been over since 2018, it's one of my favorite episodes to reference for teaching entrepreneurs how to be extremely hospitable and tenacious when approaching their "dream clients". So unlike live broadcasts that no shelf life, or social media posts that have a limited lifespan, podcast episodes can be listened to at any time by new and existing listeners.

This gives your message a lasting presence, allowing it to reach and resonate with audiences for months or even years to come. If you just opened the link to Jayson's episode, you're living proof!

By leveraging the power of podcasts as an expert guest consistently and with the right depth of value to provide to an online audience, you can effectively deliver your message, connect with a wider audience, and establish trust with your market, ultimately getting you much closer to building your brand and achieving your growth goals.

How can a podcast help your business grow?

Here's a few points that experts commonly highlight as noted by some of the best in the industry:

"Podcasting allows you to establish a personal connection and build trust with your audience on a deeper level than other forms of content. By consistently delivering valuable insights and engaging conversations, you can position yourself as an authority and grow your business."

- John Lee Dumas, Founder and Host of Entrepreneurs on Fire

"Appearing as a guest on podcasts exposes you to new audiences and allows you to tap into established communities. By sharing your expertise and unique perspective, you can attract and convert listeners into loyal followers and potential customers."

- Pat Flynn, Founder of Smart Passive Income

"Podcasting offers an opportunity to showcase your personality and create authentic connections. By sharing your story and experiences, you can resonate with your target audience, foster trust, and grow your business through word-of-mouth recommendations."

- Amy Porterfield, Online Marketing Expert and Host of Online Marketing Made Easy

Guesting on podcasts enables you to leverage the existing credibility of the host and the podcast itself. By aligning yourself with reputable shows in your industry, you can enhance your authority, expand your reach, and attract a highly targeted audience to your business."

- Lewis Howes, Entrepreneur and Host of The School of Greatness

Remember that these quotes are provided as general insights and may not represent the specific experiences of every expert or business owner. It's always recommended to explore various resources, interviews, and podcasts hosted by industry experts to gain a broader understanding of the benefits of podcasting for business growth.

Could you benefit from help becoming a well-positioned expert podcast guest?

While podcast guesting isn't for everyone, it is for everyone attempting to grow a business. The "top of the marketing funnel" is awareness which requires distribution. And most businesses have terrible distribution strategies in place. This is also a big reason why 96% of business owners are failing within 10 years. Whether you use our resources or work directly with us, we're eager to see our country break that trend and have entrepreneurs with record breaking growth year after year!

The Free Cheat Sheet: The difference between most experts and amateurs is as subtle as the winner and runner up at the spelling bee.

Recognizing a misspelled word is fairly easy, but it's hard for hosts to know who's truly great and who's not. That's why if you're on your showmanship A-game in order to win - they judge based on your character more than your actual credentials since it would be hard for them to quantify your true level of expertise. It's a social process, not a science process.

The cheat sheet to attracting Expert Podcast Hosts is a treasure trove of powerfully intricate steps you should be taking in order to land on stage after stage.

Share Your Value on Vision Pros Live: While we cannot accept all guests on our show, we also invite you to take the same proactive step and apply as a guest on our show, Vision Pros Live, if you have a desire to help and inspire other visionaries take action to move their dreams forward.

You don't have to be the world's greatest visionary (sorry, Elon and ChatGPT guy). You simply have to showcase that you want to deliver value to our audience and it's typically all about the right timing, the right place, and the right will power.

If you found this write up helpful and insightful, share it with those that you know are striving to create maximum distribution for their brands. And if you have anything that you'd recommend we add, tag us in your post and let us know!

If we find your tip valuable, we'd be happy to include you as a guest contributor as we update it!

Happy podcasting!



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