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Sustainability, entrepreneurship, and quality over quantity with Seth Spears

Vision Pros Live Podcast by Jackson Calame | December 14, 2023

Sustainability, entrepreneurship, and quality over quantity with Seth Spears

Tune in to learn Seth's vision to make the world a better place through through kindness, curiosity, and fun.

Seth Spears

Seth Spears is an adventure-loving entrepreneur, business connector, product designer, podcaster, marketing strategist, and angel investor who loves the great outdoors, world travel, live music, sports, deep conversations, and constant self-improvement.

He is the founder of Rewild Gear, an outdoor equipment company he started with his three brothers whose mission is to encourage men to spend more time in the great outdoors through the design and creation of top-quality knives, fire starters, and cookware while promoting conservation, sustainable product use, and ethical business practices.

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